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My Exotic Furs kittens are known for their sweet personalities and playful nature and are very sociable kittens. We are a small - cage-less cattery. All our cats and kittens live with us as part of our family and as such receive enormous amounts of love and attention. This is a true labor of love for us and every kitten we bring into this world is like a little miracle from heaven that we treasure, love and adore. :) 

With their sweet teddy bear look, docile yet loving temperament and relatively easy maintenance grooming regime, Exotic Shorthair Persians are fast becoming one of the more popular cat breeds. Exotics make the perfect pet for people who are looking for the laid back personality of the Persian, along with the unique body and head shape, yet do not wish to commit to grooming a Persian's long coat. Exotic Shorthair Persians really do make the "Perfect pet". 


Before contacting us, please read below on this page our "Adoption Terms & Conditions" at the bottom of this page, most questions you may have are already answered.  

We only have a few litters a year as our busy schedule permits and all our cats live with us as part of our family. This is a "Hobby" and a labor of love for us, it is not a business.

For serious consideration in adopting one of our kittens, we highly recommend that you fill out our kitten Application



*  Last Updated:  03/08/2019 *

New Spring litter expected soon!

Email or call for availability 


Reserve your Exotic Shorthair or Exotic Longhair baby today by placing a deposit to hold. Note: All deposits are nonrefundable.



Please call or email to confirm availability. Please scroll down towards bottom of page to read our adoption policies and conditions before contacting me. Most of your questions will be answered there. 

Call:  973-900-4006


ADOPTION FEES are as follows:

All Shorthair Exotics;  1850 - 2250

All Longhair Exotic:  1250 - 1600 

Deposit: 350


An Affectionate Companion


The Exotic Longhair is a longhaired version of the Exotic Shorthair. It originated during the 1950s and this medium-sized cat has a luxurious coat and tiny rounded ears. These sweet, affectionate, and loyal cats are great companions. They enjoy playing with toys and cuddling up with their human companion. They are ideal for families, multi-pet households, and singles.

Before placing a deposit or contacting us, you MUST READ the Adoption Terms & Conditions below.


  If interested in becoming Pre-Approved please fill out our adoption form        click  here

  You can also contact us with any questions or if you just need more             information about upcoming litters: Contact Us

Deposits:  Deposits can either be mailed by check or made through Paypal. Paypal accepts most major credit cards. 
All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Before sending in your deposit, you must first be approved as a suitable home for one of our kittens. Please fill out our kitten application to start to approval process:  Kitten Application

If a deposit has been sent by mail while another adopter is able to pay immediately using any immediate-payment methods (such as PayPal) for the same cat or kitten, we will accept payment from the adopter who's entire payment reaches us first, and we will refund the deposit upon receiving it.  

We Accept PayPal Credit Card Payments

                  To make a deposit or payment, go to:    

Send deposit or adoption fee to PayPal Address: 

                          Please call or email to confirm availability:
                Phone: (973)900-4006

Please Read:

My Exotic Furs is a CFA Registered and Recommended Breeder.  We ONLY recommend acquiring Exotic kittens from CFA registered catteries.  While you could pay a cheaper adoption fee from an unregistered cattery or "kitty Mill", the potential for health problems and genetic decease are just not worth it.  Think about it, you are not purchasing a flat screen TV, you are bringing home a new family member that will bring you years of joy, friendship and companionship!  :)   Priceless            

Adoption Terms & Conditions - Please read fully and carefully before contacting us.     



We reserve the right to refuse an adoption to any person, for any reason, without explanation.

Please understand that My Exotic Furs is NOT your typical online breeder that will sell to anyone with the financial ability to buy a kitten. We do not grant adoption privilege to just anyone. We do require a thorough interview to make sure you can provide a suitable home for our little ones and reserve the right to refuse sale of any kitten pictured on our website if we feel your home is not suitable.  Our main goal and responsibility is to find a loving, safe and caring home for every kitten we place for adoption and as such reserve the right to be selective in that search. 

If we feel there will be a lack of proper care with the new potential owner, we have the right to refuse the adoption at any given time during the adoption process. Any and all deposits or adoption fees will be return in full if we refuse the adoption. 

We only place our kittens into the hands of the best pre-approved homes.   

You must fill out our kitten application in order to receive serious consideration in adopting a kitten from us.  


A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is required to reserve a kitten prior to placement. Deposit Disclosure:  We are aware that circumstances change and it is not always possible to take possession of a cat or kitten as originally planned. Deposits will be considered payment for boarding, grooming and lost opportunities for placement if the buyer changes their mind for any reason. So please be sure before sending deposit.

If a deposit has been sent by mail while another adopter is able to pay immediately using any immediate-payment methods (such as PayPal) for the same cat or kitten, we will accept payment from the adopter who's entire payment reaches us first, and we will refund the deposit upon receiving it.  

Cattery Visits:

They say "photos are worth a thousands words" but there is no substitute for seeing our beautiful and playful kittens "live" in their familiar home environment! So we encourage anyone who can make the trip to come see the kitten and meet it's parents and let "It" choose you! That said, since we maintain a very sanitary and clean environment to protect all our cats, we do not allow anyone to come to our home "just to look around". We should know before hand that you are a serious adopter for one of our kittens and that your intentions are to buy/reserve (leave a deposit) for a kitten when you come to our home.

Go to our Contact Us  page for an idea of where we are located - In the beautiful
Pocono Mountains of PA.


In order to comply with new USDA/APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service regulations, shipping for kittens placed as "Pets" is not available unless buyer is willing to make the trip and pick-up kitten personally. Per USDA/APHIS, PET Buyer must have the opportunity to see and inspect kitten before the transaction can be completed. We can also, on a very limited basis and if our schedule permits, make the flight with the kitten and hand deliver the kitten to you. All transportation costs are the buyer's responsibility including but not limited to: Airfare, Travel Cage, Health Certificate, and any additional transportation costs associated with delivery of kitten/cat.

Please contact us for more information regarding methods of receiving kitten.

We will do our best and work with you to deliver a kitten to you as long as your home qualifies as a suitable home and we meet USDA/APHIS shipping regulations.   

My Exotic Furs 100% supports and donates to the efforts to eliminate or at least cut-down on scrupulous online animal sales as well as eradicating Dog and Kitty Mills.    

Timing of Kitten Pickup:

Kittens are normally placed at 12 weeks of age and are fully inoculated (shots record provided along with health guaranty and de-worming record). 12 weeks is the veterinarian recommended time a kitten needs to be with it's mother and nursed in order to develop a strong enough immune system before leaving to a new home environment. This is for the kitten's safety and well being which is our ONLY concern as to when we let them go. There are NO exceptions to this rule.   If it's not possible to pick up kitten at specified time, there will be a
Hold Fee of $10.00 per day to keep and maintain kitten in perfect condition. 

Why Differential Adoption Fees?:

Most experienced breeders charge differential adoption fees for purebred cats & Kittens. While we don't see any animal as "worth" more than another (they are all equally wonderful in our eyes), we understand that our Cat Fancy community sees certain colors, sizes, facial features and overall quality of the breed standard as more desirable than others. As much as we love a 10 months old Exotic kitten with longhair and not so extreme face or wrong coloring, we know that more people will be interested in the tiny adorable Exotic kittens with the "extreme" flat face features.

By charging a reduced adoption fee for the kittens without the extreme Exotic look, we help ensure that he/she will get a great home when an adopter comes through the door and makes a connection with a pet that most people overlook. Finding a good home to ALL our kittens is after all, our number one goal and responsibility.

Adoption fees are Non-Negotiable so we kindly ask that you please respect this. If you email us and the first words in your email are "How much are your kittens", we will not respond. That is not the kind of person or home we are looking to place our kittens into. We also understand that not everyone is financially capable of affording a pure-bred Exotic kitten but who would otherwise provide an excellent home for one of our kittens so we are willing in some cases to work with you and possibly accept a payment schedule if we feel you will provide an ideal home. That is after all, our number one goal, to find the right home. This is NOT a business, it's a "Hobby" and a labor of love for our entire family.   

Vaccinations and Tests: 

When you adopt a kitten from our cattery, besides receiving the complete vaccinations records for the kitten (including de-worming), you will also receive the "Negative" test results of both parents for: FIV, FeLV & PKD1(DNA) Tests

We ask that everyone prior to contacting us about adopting an Exotic kitten, read our page "About FIP"  and educate yourself prior to adopting any pure breed animal.

We are a “Closed” cattery meaning we do not allow or introduce any new cats into our controlled environment until they have been thoroughly tested (by us) and found to be Negative for; feline leukemia (FIV), FeLV & PKD.  

100% Health Guarantee:

All Kittens are delivered with a Health Guarantee: It is the Responsibility of “My Exotic Furs Cattery” to deliver a clean, healthy, socialized kitten free of; disease, Life-threatening defects, and internal or external parasites upon delivery.  

Guaranty Against Genetic Disease:  If kitten has a life threatening illness due to genetics, up to ONE YEAR, we will replace the kitten with one of equal value as soon as one is available or refund 100% the adoption fee. Our vet must confirm the diagnosis. 
Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.


About MY EXOTIC FURS Cattery:
We are a small, "Cage less" cattery which means our kittens and cats live with us and are part of our family. We hand raise them from the day they are born and shower them with enormous amounts of love and attention. My Exotic Furs kittens are known for their sweet personalities and playful nature and are very sociable kittens.  

We are a "Closed" cattery meaning all our cats have tested NEGATIVE for FIV, FeLV & PKD. We do not introduce a new cat into our cattery until it has been tested and found negative for the above deceases.

Please Read:   A Word About FIP

                    E-mail us regarding Kitten availability.


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                  We Accept PayPal Credit Card Payments

To make a deposit or payment, go to:     

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