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                                                 A Word About FIP

                        My Exotic Furs Cattery Is A PKD Negative Cattery. 



We have always had an extraordinarily low incidence of FIP in our cats and Kittens. In fact, in our over 15+ years of breeding Exotics we have never had a single case of FIP occur in our cats or kittens. That is an accomplishment we are extremely proud of and very happy about.

We are a “Closed” cattery meaning we do not allow or introduce any new cats into our cattery until they have been thoroughly tested (by us) and found negative for; feline leukemia (FIV), FeLV & PKD. 

The main reason for our success has been the fact that we adhere to a very strict Cattery Management Program and intentionally keep our cattery small so as not to overcrowd our cats and thereby keeping them as comfortable and stress free as possible. We also don't  overbreed our cats and typically have only a few litters a year as our busy schedules permit.   

Stress due to overcrowding and overbreeding is one of the main contributing factors to many health issues with breeding cats including FIP. We are a cage-less cattery meaning our cats roam freely though out our home (actually, their home!) and live WITH us as part of our family. This is why our cats and kittens are so social and even tempered. This is not a "Business", it's a hobby and a labor of passion for us.      
When you adopt a kitten from our cattery, besides receiving the complete vaccinations records for the kitten including de-worming, you will also receive the Negative test results for both parents for: FIV, FeLV & PKD DNA Tests.  

FIP Resources:

Here is an excellent article about FIP that anyone thinking about adopting a pure breed animal should read. It's one of the best articles we have come across that explains quite clearly what FIP is, what it isn't, and how to prevent it: 

                  Click Here:   FIP Article By DR Chris Bird 

You may also want to consult the excellent article by Dr. Susan Little, a veterinarian who specializes in cats and who also had breeding experience when she was younger. She knows more than most vets about the theory and practical issues surrounding prevention of FIP.

For more information about FIP, we encourage you to visit the SOCKFIP website (click the logo below), where you can learn  about the latest research at the University of California
at Davis which, by the way, is where our cattery does its DNA testing for all our cats.  

                                     Sock FIP

Important Note: Due to studies at Cornell University, FIP vaccination can potentate actual FIP, therefore we do not guarantee the health of kittens if they are vaccinated for FIP after going to new homes.  

100% Health Guarantee:

All Kittens are delivered with a Health Guarantee: It is the Responsibility of “My Exotic Furs Cattery” to deliver a clean, healthy, socialized kitten free of; disease, Life-threatening defects, and internal or external parasites upon delivery.


Guaranteed Against Genetic Disease: If kitten has a life threatening illness due to genetics up to ONE YEAR, we will replace the kitten with one of equal value as soon as one is available or refund 100% the adoption fee. Our vet must confirm the diagnosis. 

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