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My Exotic Furs Cattery
We specialize in Exotic Shorthairs

We hope you enjoy your visit. 

My Exotic Furs is a small, CFA Registered 
hobby cattery located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains in North Eastern, PA

We  specialize in Exotic Shorthairs  
and sometimes Persians.

We only have a few litters a year as our busy schedules permit. All our cats live with us underfoot and are a part of our family. They receive enormous amounts of love and attention and as such are extremely social and playful.  My Exotic Furs kittens are known through out the cat fancy community for their sweet and social personalities. Read what others have to say here... 

We started breeding Exotic Shorthairs about 15 years ago with a beautiful Tortoise Smoke
 Exotic female and have never looked back, we simply fell in love with the Exotic Shorthair breed

We know that once you ex-
perience what it's like to live and share your life with these beautiful and extremely affectionate creatures you will feel the same as we do about Exotic Shorthairs.  

Please brows our website and enjoy the photos 
and contact us if you have any questions regarding the Exotic Shorthair Persian or the availability of  kittens.  We answer every email and inquiry.

Whether you are looking for a Pet, Breed Quality, or Show Quality Exotic..........our beautiful Exotics from champion bloodlines will make a wonderful addition to any home or cattery.


                 My Exotic Furs

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Exotic Shorthair Persians are Adorable to look at.........

Exotic Shorthair Persians are sweet, peaceful and Loyal Companions...........

          Exotics are extremely affectionate.........

     Exotics really do make the "Perfect Pet". 

With their sweet teddy bear look, docile yet loving temperament and relatively easy maintenance grooming regime, Exotic Shorthair Persians are fast becoming one of the more popular cat breeds. Exotics make the perfect pet for people who are looking for the laid back personality of the Persian, along with the unique body and head shape, yet do not wish to commit to grooming a Persian's long coat. Exotic Shorthair Persians really do make the "Perfect pet". 

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